There are:
  • Tutorial world;

  • Main Spawn Point in Legendary Island world.

  • Legendary Island world

  • Wilderness in Legendary Island world;

  • Grieflands world;

  • Skylands;

  • Survival Games worlds

  • Quest worlds

  • Pre-made Towns for VIPs, in Legendary Island world;

  • Towns, created by players, in Legendary Island world;

  • Nether world of Legendary Island world;

  • Nether world of Grieflands world;

More about worlds:

Tutorial world:
  • Tutorial world is a world, where you’ll spawn first time, after you will join a server. It’s a guide world, that will introduce Legendary Island to you. Please, read the signs.

Main Spawn Point:
  • This is the place, where you spawn after:
    a) Finishing the tour in Tutorial world;
    b) Dying.
    Main Spawn Point is located in the Legendary Island world.
    Here, you will have a quick access to the Grieflands world, Town Portals and Main Bazaar.

Legendary Island world:
  • This is your home world, a world, where you will find or build your town, a place, where you will bring all your resources to, from Grieflands world. Here is a place, where you will build your home and where you will make money (coins), by selling items to shops. To warp to the Legendary Island world, simply type a command: “/warp li”, and to get to the main shop, use a command “/warp shop”.

Wilderness in Legendary Island world:
  • This is a space, that has not been claimed by any town or a player, yet. You are not allowed to build in Wilderness of the Legendary Island world, only on claimed territory. However, you can build\destroy anywhere in Grieflands world.
    Wilderness area is a spot, where you can start your own town, if you have enough coins. To check your coins balance, use a command: “/money”. To start a new town on unclaimed area, use a command: “/town new YourTownName”.
    Also, check out this map: – you will see places, shaded with yellow color – these areas are claimed towns. All other area, that is not shaded with a yellow color – is Wilderness, a place, where you can start your own Town.

Grieflands world:
  • Grieflands world is a world, where your adventure should begin. This is the world, where no rules apply. In this world you can grief, fight enemies and do everything, that you need, in order to acquire precious blocks and items. This is a place, where you will mine as well. However, you still cannot break our server rules, even in Grieflands world. Type in chat: “/rules”, while you’re in-game, to read our server rules. To get to the Grieflands world, simply use a command: “/warp gl”.

  • This is the special world – it is an another protected world where you can build your own towns. The only difference is that this is the Skylands and that only Hero rank and higher can enter this world.
    What is the point of Skylands? Skylands is a magical world, where lands are hanging in a middle air. It is the place where you want to build your home if you are the true romantic. Moreover, this world allows only well-respected, truthworthy ranks to enter, so it has a much more peaceful gameplay.

Survival Games worlds:
  • These worlds are very small, limited, and cannot be modified (you cannot build or destroy in this world), but chests in this world are accessible. PvP mode is ON. The worlds are designed specifically for one purpose - to fight against other players. To enter this deadly survival game use the command /hg join.

Quest worlds:
  • These worlds have three simple rules, which are: 1. You cannot build and destroy. 2. You cannot use your VIP powers. 3. You have to follow the quest leads.

Pre-made Towns for VIPs:
  • If you’re having problems finding a town, that can suit your needs, we have a reserve town, specially for VIPs, who are having problems with finding a town. Request an invitation via our VIP support board on our forum.

Towns, created by players, in Legendary Island world and Skylands world:
  • These towns are completely controlled by players (mayors and town assistants) and Spirits (server administration) are not responsible for anything, what is going inside of those towns. All protected and claimed territories are regulated by their claimers, mayors, kings. Mayors are fully responsible for what is happening inside their own towns.

Nether world of Legendary Island world:
  • Nether world of legendary Island world can be accessed and edited only by players, with a rank “Hero”, or higher. Griefing isNOT allowed in this world

Nether world of Grieflands world:
  • This world can be accessed by everyone. Griefing is allowed in this world.